Hospital Report Card – Complaint Process


Brattleboro Memorial Hospital’s Commitment to Excellence: Resolution Process

Brattleboro Memorial Hospital recognizes patient complaints as an important aspect of a Quality/Patient Safety Program. The goal of an effective resolution process is to address the complaints in a timely manner, seek solutions to the problems and implement actions to improve the care and services delivered to patients. To this effort Brattleboro Memorial Hospital maintains a system to track, trend and respond to patient comments, complaints and grievances to support the hospital mission of quality health services, maintain patient rights and to reduce the risk of loss. The Patient Experience Coordinator serves as an intermediary between the patient, the healthcare provider and the healthcare system and provides a specific channel through which patients and families can seek solutions to problems, concerns and unmet needs. He or she enables patients and families to obtain solutions to problems by acting in their behalf with administration or any department to improve care and service. As patient advocate the Patient Experience Coordinator, as part of their role in the institution, interprets its philosophy, policies, procedures and services to patients, their families and visitors. They act in response to patient grievances as per the Patient Bill of Rights. Brattleboro Memorial Hospital will cooperate with any investigations made by the Secretary of Health and Human Services and will not threaten, intimidate or retaliate against any individual filing a complaint.

If you have a problem or complaint:

  1. If you have a compliant or problem of any kind we urge you to bring it to the healthcare worker directly (nurse, physician, technician, therapist, supervisor or director). They will try to resolve the complaint. If the complaint cannot be resolved to your satisfaction or the issue or concern is beyond the scope of the healthcare worker, the Patient Experience Coordinator will be notified by the healthcare worker or you may contact the Patient Experience Coordinator at 802-257-8315 or submitting your complaint in writing and address it to the Patient Experience Coordinator, 17 Belmont Avenue, Brattleboro, VT 05301.
  2. The Patient Experience Coordinator, in cooperation with the Manager/Director of the service where the complaint originated, will investigate and respond to complaints and expressions of dissatisfaction about care and problems experienced by patients, and collaborate with hospital administration on behalf of patients and families. When it is necessary to research a problem, he or she keeps patients informed of the progress being made.
  3. The Patient Experience Coordinator and/or the Manager/Director of the service involved will respond in writing to the grievance within 2 weeks when possible. The response will contain the steps taken to investigate the grievance, the results of the grievance process, and any actions taken.
  4. If the grievance is not resolved, the patient/family may submit it to the President within one week of the response. The President or designee’s decision will be final. The written notice will be rendered within one week and will contain the steps taken on behalf of the patient/family to investigate the grievance and the decision.
  5. The patient/family will be advised that they may contact the following agencies if they feel it is necessary to discuss the complaint with someone outside the hospital:

Vermont Board of Health and Board of Medical Practice
PO Box 70, Burlington, Vermont 05402
Telephone: 1-800-745-7371

Department of Aging and Disability, Division of Licensing and Protection,
103 South Main-Street, Waterbury, Vermont 05671
Telephone: 1-800-564-1612

Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services,
200 Independence Ave. S. W.
Washington, DC 20201