Hospital Report Card – Governance

Description of Hospital Governance

Southern Vermont Health Services Corporation (SVHSC), the parent company of Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, is organized for charitable, benevolent, scientific, and educational purposes. Its mission is to support and encourage the development of comprehensive, integrated healthcare-related services for the advancement of the health and well-being of the community. This is done by providing financial, management, and other assistance to its affiliates and other organizations and through all other relevant means.

SVHSC has a body of active members named corporators (listed below). The corporators consist of business and community leaders who serve to link the hospital and the community. Corporators are invited to the annual meeting, held in November.  This meeting provides a forum for carrying out the corporation’s public business, including the election of corporators, directors, and secretary of the Corporation. Through programs, planning activities, and committee work corporators are provided the opportunity for input and feedback regarding the corporation’s objectives, plans, and accomplishments. They have an interest in the hospital’s development and the achievement of its objectives in meeting the healthcare needs of residents of southeastern Vermont and the local tri-state area.

The Board of Trustees (Directors) of SVHSC, the sole member of the hospital, elects officers of the corporation. Thus, officers and directors of Brattleboro Memorial Hospital and SVHSC are the same individuals. In addition to the hospital, the development office is part of SVHSC. Brattleboro Memorial Hospital is a not-for-profit hospital with a medical staff and an auxiliary. The President/CEO of the hospital, medical staff, and auxiliary collaborate with the board of trustees. Executive staff of the hospital consists of the vice-presidents of patient care services, finance, and physician and business development.

Officers of the Corporation/Board of Directors

Carl Lynde, Chairman
Peter Carvell, Vice Chairman
John M. Meyer, Secretary
Michael Rogers, Treasurer

Deborah Boyle
Patty O’Donnell
Denise Paasche, MD
Stephen Phillips
Benjamin Taggard
Burton D. Tepfer, MD
Jill M. Zachary

Ex Officio Board Members: Steven R. Gordon, Elizabeth McLarney

Active & Emeritus Members of the Corporation are listed here.

Executives of Brattleboro Memorial Hospital

President/CEO-Steven R. Gordon
Vice President- Patient Care Services, Mary Urquhart, RN
Vice President-Finance, Michael O. Rogers
Vice President-Physician/Business Development, Bonnie McKellar
Chief Medical Officer- Kathleen McGraw, MD

Medical Staff Officers

President – Elizabeth McLarney, MD
Vice President – Judith McBean, MD
Secretary/Treasurer – Michael Burrell, DO

Executive Committee Members at Large – Tony Blofson, MD and Edward Elliott, MD

President of the Auxiliary

Lynn Gavoni, co-president and Pearl Doubleday, co-president

Summary of Process for Openness and Public Participation

Ongoing public comment was solicited through a public meeting held on September 27, 2012, on the health needs of the Brattleboro area community. BMH President Steven R Gordon and Brattleboro Retreat President Rob Simpson presented their respective strategic plans. BMH and the Brattleboro Retreat discussed new programs at their hospitals and solicited input on hospital services and on community health needs.

The date for the 2013 public meeting on this Community Report will be announced late this summer.

You are welcome to print out information from the BMH website report or to request a printed copy. For more information about this Report Card, you can contact Ellen Smith, Executive Director of Development & Community Relations at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital.

Contact Information

Call 802-257-8314 – fax: 802-257-3134
or write
Ellen Smith, BMH, 17 Belmont Avenue, Brattleboro, VT 05301.