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Ten Ways to Reduce Your Anxiety About Birth

Published April 11, 2014

We all grow and change during pregnancy – some of that growth we can see from the outside, as we gain our healthy share of weight to nourish our unborn babies. But lots of the growth and change during pregnancy comes in the way that we see ourselves. After all I am not just me anymore – there’s a baby in there! And then there’s the growth and change that comes when we think about giving birth to our babies. That baby has to make the journey to our arms – and there is no magic crystal ball to tell us what the journey of birth will be like for us. Most women describe their birthing experience as “one of the peak experiences of my...

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Help Mom Feel the Love During Birth

Published February 14, 2014

photo credit: Birth can really make or break the start of your journey as a mother. When I got pregnant, I remember how I wondered – what would David do during the labor and birth? We took very traditional, old-fashioned Lamaze classes, and he dutifully wrote down what time each of my contractions started and ended. It kept him busy and gave him something to do – he also rubbed my back and never left my side. I found it was the “never left my side” that was oh-so-important to me. (Seriously, he drank a lot of coffee so there must’ve been at least one other function he needed to leave me for. But I remember him being there every minute!) And...

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Finding the Right Doctor for your Baby

Published January 22, 2014

Most of us don’t think about “choosing a doctor for my baby” when we get pregnant. But one of the big surprises of parenthood is – you will have a real friend in your baby’s doctor. After all, you’ll be seeing them at least seven times in the first year of your baby’s life – and that’s just for what’s called “well child visits”! Many babies here in Windham County go to a pediatrician for their care; others join the family practice where their moms and dads receive care. Here are some questions to ask yourself – and some to ask as you interview a doctor for your baby. You can call local offices to schedule a free ...

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Hello Grandma and Grandpa!

Published January 8, 2014

I’ve heard people talk about how wonderful it is to be a grandparent. And I know that is true – but even after years of working with new mothers, I found my relationship with my daughter the 'new mother to be' – well, fraught. I think she’s a great mom, and has been from the beginning. But I could tell she didn’t always believe that, and it was hard to find ways to help her see herself as the competent being she is! If you’re having a baby, and especially if it’s the first grandchild, you may find it helpful to know that most grandparents-to-be know a few things to be true: No one is a perfect parent. We all struggle to b...

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No Biggie – Happy Holidays

Published December 17, 2013

What makes you crazy this time of year? Be very careful – don’t “should” on yourself! (That’s a quote from Jeanne Watson Driscoll) Holidays bring so many different kinds of emotions. Every one of us has memories and traditions, and somehow “the stuff” all gets so wrapped up in there too. We want to tell our kids how much we love them – and all of a sudden we’re wondering if we’re going to be able to do the laundry this week. Or we’ve racked up a credit card bill that is going to be trouble. I have a lot of degrees. I started out in English literature, and then learned a lot about apples, vegetables, Vermont product...

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Ten Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthier This Winter!

Published November 25, 2013

A lot of parenting is just plain common sense. But we’ve lived in a world of antibiotics and immunizations for a long time – sometimes I don’t even think about hygiene and good living as a way to stay healthy. So here’s some food for thought during this season of thanks – and opportunities for eating! 1. Breastfeed Come on, you knew I was going to start with that! But my own opinions set aside, breastfeeding is as close as it gets to magic when it comes to keeping babies healthy. Moms’ milk has antibodies and immunities not only against the illnesses and “predators” she’s come across – she actually makes them on-the-spot...

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Flu Blues?

Published November 14, 2013

I just got my flu shot. The cart comes around at the hospital, I roll up my sleeve, and it’s done. Working with pregnant moms, new moms and babies all the time – I like to do my part to keep everyone healthy. Flu shots aren’t perfect, but they are the best we can do right now – and I like to do my best too! Are you pregnant? Or do you have a baby? Or do you love a baby and hang around with a baby? I hope you will get your flu shot too.

I remember how surprised I was to discover that pregnant women have depressed immune systems. What??!! I was eating well, sleeping lots (well, at least during th...

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Planning Ahead for Postpartum

Published October 3, 2013

I think the advice people get about bringing home a newborn baby sometimes begins and ends with “You will never sleep again”. That is not very useful! (Some people do get, “Sleep when the baby sleeps” which is better, but a post for another day.) Here are some practical things to think about when it comes to bringing home your new baby. Do some research, make your plans from there.

List some ways you will get informed about what it’s really like to have a new baby around the house. You would think this would be simple. But I’m a reader and when I went to Amazon and searched “new baby...

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Back to Work – and Breastfeeding

Published August 22, 2013

Four Do's and a Don't DO know that you will miss your baby like crazy. This is a given. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you how wonderfully satisfying it will be to leave your baby and go to work. Moms often feel guilty too. So if there’s a way you can bargain for more time at home, and you can afford it, don’t be afraid to do it. If you can work less, do it. And if you have to go back to work, know that breastfeeding will be a part of your reward – it will help you and your baby to continue the love affair that you’ve begun.Build some snuggle time into the reunion time of your day. Your child care provider may not mind if...

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Getting It Right for Moms and Babies

Published August 7, 2013

The numbers are in – and New Hampshire is the winner! As a Vermonter, I am envious. But I know we’ll be right up there next time. Ah, you say, The age-old Spat between the States. What’s this one about? Well, if it’s me doing the talking you know – it’s breastfeeding. And the facts revolve around another age-old tale: how you birth does make a difference.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has a breastfeeding staff that includes two superstars, Larry Grummer-Strawn and Katherine Shealy. Back in 2005 they published a CDC Guide to Breastfeeding Interventions...

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