BMH Launches 2nd Annual “BEARDS for BMH” Campaign To Raise Awareness of Men’s Health Issues

Throughout the month of November Brattleboro Memorial Hospital (BMH) will once again be sponsoring “BEARDS for BMH” to raise awareness of men’s health issues. The campaign is designed to spark conversation about issues such as prostate cancer screening, erectile dysfunction, testicular cancer and other men’s health concerns.

Participants in the campaign will pay a $10 registration fee, solicit sponsors, shave their faces clean on November 1st and grow their beards over the next 30 days. Armed with facts and talking points about men’s health, participants are encouraged to respond to questions about the state of their beards with information about a range of health issues that affect men at all stages of their lives.

Participants will be asked to post weekly photos of their beards to the BMH Facebook page and to promote their beard’s growth through their own social media outlets as well. At the end of November prizes will be awarded to participants with the greatest numbers of sponsors, highest dollar amount raised, most Facebook postings and most “creative” beard styling. Men can participate as individuals or as teams and if their professional roles prohibit them from growing facial hair, they are welcome to sponsor a “proxy grower”.

Any men interested in participating should contact Sarah Ovenden in the BMH Development Office at 802-257-3139 or BMH will be providing participants with packets containing sponsorship forms, fact sheets and other materials to support men in their efforts.