BMH Birthing Center Gets High Marks for Infant Nutrition

New survey results published by Centers for Disease Control shows that the Brattleboro Memorial Hospital Birthing Center compares favorably to hospitals of similar size both statewide and nationally.

BMH scored an 88 out of a possible 100 on the Maternity Practices in Infant Nutrition and Care survey (mPINC). Contributing to that mark were perfect scores in the two subcategories of “Postpartum Care — Feeding of Breastfed Infants” and “Facility Discharge Care.” The average composite score across Vermont was 76 while the national average was 70.

“Better infant nutrition can help prevent childhood obesity and promotes lifelong health for individuals. We’re very proud of the efforts made by the Birthing Center staff to instill these practices at our hospital,” says BMH President and CEO, Steven R. Gordon. “

More than 2,700 facilities responded to the 2011 mPINC survey, accounting for 83 percent of all maternity service providers in the United States. BMH’s Birthing Center reported 360 births in 2011, putting it in the same category as other maternity service providers with 250-499 births per year.

Since 2007, the CDC’s mPINC survey has measured infant feeding practices during delivery, post-partum care, staff training and organization structure, among other criteria to assess the status of care for newborns nationwide and identify areas where quality can be improved.

For more information, contact Birthing Center director Debbie Partrick at 802-257-8228.