Gregory R. Gadowski, MD, FACS

BMH’s Center for Wound Healing: Treating the Whole Patient

By Greg Gadowski, MD Every day at BMH a dozen or so people make their way down a hospital corridor to the light-filled and welcoming Center for Wound Healing. Some walk slowly, assisted by canes or walkers, some use wheelchairs, and some rely on assistance from others to make the trek. Center staff members greet […]

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Don’t Ignore Non-Healing Wounds

By: Jim Fleury, RN, CEN and Fred Harrison Chronic wounds (defined as wounds that won’t heal within 30 days using conventional treatments) are becoming more prevalent in our aging society. In the Brattleboro/Southern Vermont service area, and particularly in Windham County, our nation’s most rapidly aging county, it is estimated that over 1,200 people have […]

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Bob Woodworth

A thirty year avocation as a local philanthropist snuck up on Bob Woodworth while he was busy doing other things – running a successful small business and being involved in dozens of community projects. When BMH contacted him to express their appreciation for Burrows Specialized Sports’ faithful donations – every year since 1985 – he […]

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Never Too Young: Mike McCosker’s story

Mike McCosker always feared that his having a heart attack was a foregone conclusion. There is a history of heart trouble in his family, including his father, who has survived two attacks. Still, it came as a shock when it actually happened since he was only 44 years old. “There are so many emotions that […]

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One-Day Safe Driving Course Offered for Older Drivers

You’re not the same driver you were when you were 16…or 35… or 65. As we age, our driving abilities change and our physical state can influence our behind-the-wheel state, too. If you want to refresh your driving skills, and get a discount on car insurance, you will want to register for the upcoming AARP […]

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Brattleboro Memorial Hospital Honored with Two Healthcare Advertising Awards

Brattleboro Memorial Hospital and Jennings has been recognized by the 32nd Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards with a Gold and Silver Award in recognition of the hospital’s Emergency Department “Rapid Care” campaign. With nearly 3,500 entries, the Healthcare Advertising Awards, sponsored by the Healthcare Marketing Report (HMR), is the oldest, largest and most widely respected advertising […]

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Angela Thomas, DPT

BMH Rehab Services Adds new Physical Therapist

Brattleboro Memorial Hospital announced the addition of Angela Thomas, DPT, to its Rehabilitation Services staff. Thomas just moved to the Brattleboro area after spending 20 years living in the southwestern United States. She holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Northern Arizona University and degrees in Educational Psychology and Physical Education from the University of […]

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Maureen Mohaney, PA-C, ATC

Watch out for Little League Elbow!

By Maureen Mahoney PA-C, ATC It’s that time of year again; when the snow is melting and the grass is getting green. Kids are starting their spring sports, including one of my all-time favorites: baseball. One common over use injury in kids who play baseball is called Little League elbow which presents itself as pain […]

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Wayne Temmen, PA-C

Wear and Tear Arthritis

By Wayne Temmen, PAC Osteoarthritis (OA) also known as “wear and tear arthritis” is the most common form of arthritis. Approximately 46 million people in the United States have symptomatic osteoarthritis, 64% of whom are of working age. The exact cause of OA is unknown but it results in a breakdown in the articular cartilage […]

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Are you living with Osteoarthritis? Join BMH for a free talk on April 27

As part of the Wellness in Windham Spring 2015 calendar, BMH certified orthopaedic physician assistants Maureen Mahoney, PA-C, ATC and Wayne Temmen, PA-C, will present a program on Monday, April 27 at 6:00 PM in the Brew Barry Conference Center. Their topic of discussion will be living with osteoarthritis. “Osteoarthritis is one of the most […]

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