Kathleen McGraw, MD, FHM

BMH Introduces Kathleen McGraw as Chief Medical Officer

Brattleboro Memorial Hospital today announced that Kathleen McGraw, MD, FHM, has been hired to serve as Chief Medical Officer, taking the place of David Albright, MD, who officially retired from this position in mid-August. She will begin work on January 15, 2013. McGraw comes from Baystate Franklin Medical Center, where she developed the Hospital Medicine […]

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Two Types of Diabetes, Two Very Different Diseases

by Houghton Smith Last week I wrote an article about the increasing number of cases of Type 2 diabetes. But it should be noted that the incidence of Type 1 diabetes is also on the rise. According to the Centers for Disease Control, Type 1 diabetes has increased 23 percent over the past 10 years. […]

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Travel with Baby: The Airplane Adventure

Is travel in your holiday future? Take the plunge! First, a confession. I love to travel. Bus, train, plane, car – sign me up, I’m ready. There was no way I was going to stop going places just because I had kids. So I consider myself a bit of an expert – and now my […]

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BMH Restores MRI Services

BMH Restores MRI Services Brattleboro Memorial Hospital officials announced the Diagnostic Imaging Department began seeing patients in its upgraded Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) suite on Monday, November 26. Launch of the new service follows the hospital’s planned move of its MRI equipment to accommodate renovations and expansion of the Emergency Department. The new location, on […]

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Awareness Brings Hope for Diabetes Prevention

By Houghton Smith This coming year, the Centers for Disease Control is raising awareness about Type 2 Diabetes in hopes of primary prevention of the disease in much the same way similar approaches have led to lower incidences of certain types of cancer, heart disease and other conditions. About 26 million people in the United […]

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Preventing Preterm Birth

In the United States, one out of eight babies is born prematurely. We talked last time about the challenges of being born early, and the importance of keeping babies inside as long as possible. The March of Dimes 2012 Report Card came out, and Vermont was one of only four states to get at “A”. […]

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(left to right) Matt Schibley, Michael Luciani, Caleb Clark, Jesse Eldridge and Stephen Washkevich

BMH’s New DaddyViews Blog Hits Fatherhood From All Angles

BMH’s New DaddyViews Blog Hits Fatherhood From All Angles (left to right) Matt Schibley, Michael Luciani, Caleb Clark, Jesse Eldridge and Stephen Washkevich Brattleboro Memorial Hospital’s new DaddyViews blog launched earlier this month, following a contest to find five fathers who bring a wide paternal perspective to the parenting blogosphere. Daddyviews.com updates several times a […]

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Don’t Let a Hernia Put a Strain on Your Life

By Dr. Thomas H. Lewis Hernias happen. They happen to overweight, out-of-shape smokers, and they happen to highly trained athletes. They happen to persons who strain too much while lifting, and they happen to those who merely sit in a chair. While they are more common in men, they also occur frequently in pregnant women. […]

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Fresh Start Tobacco Cessation Workshop at BMH Starts November 27

Brattleboro Memorial Hospital will host another installment of the “Fresh Start: Tobacco Cessation Workshop” in BMH Conference Room B beginning Tuesday, November 27. The Fresh Start Tobacco Cessation Workshop is a free program open to anyone interested in becoming tobacco free. Terri Kneipp, a facilitator trained by the Vermont Department of Health Access, leads the […]

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Craig Rinder, MD

Clearing Up Confusion About Erectile Dysfunction

By Craig Rinder It was not too long ago that almost all cases of erectile dysfunction were attributed to anxiety, stress or other psychosocial factors. But now we understand that with almost every male who experiences erectile dysfunction, it is caused by a physical or biological problem, and sometimes can be a symptom of a […]

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