Jeff Harr, RCEP

Brattleboro Memorial Hospital will host a public dinner featuring low-fat, Mediterranean fare and a presentation on cardiac rehabilitation at 5:30 pm on Thursday, October 4 in the Brew Barry Conference Center.

Diners will choose between entrees of Vermont apple cider-braised chicken and vegetables served with oven roasted local organic potato, or braised autumn vegetables with quinoa. Each will be served with a salad of mixed greens, chick peas, pickled red onion and vinaigrette, whole grain bread, and a whole grain apple crisp with fat-free local yogurt. All made fresh on the premises by BMH Nutrition Services staff.

During the dinner, there will be a talk about heart health and nutrition for cardiac rehabilitation patients. Jeff Harr, coordinator of Cardiac Rehab Services at BMH will discuss the structure of the program and present recent research on the importance of rehab following a cardiac event. Darrel Daley, currently a participant in the program, will provide firsthand insights into his own experiences of going through cardiac rehab.

Seating is limited. Call 802-257-8331 before September 28 to make reservations. Cost for the dinner is $11.95 per person. When making a reservation, please specify the chicken or vegetarian option.