By Steven R. Gordon, President and CEO

It has been a busy and productive 14 months since we took our first steps in the major renovation and expansion of our Emergency Department at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital. Our new Main Entrance and new ambulatory entrance for the Emergency Department officially opened last August and we added 2,500 square feet of new space to the ED. This marked the completion of Phase One of our $7.5 million renovation project.

Steven R. Gordon, CEO
Steven R. Gordon, CEO

Now, I am pleased to report we have not only completed our Doorway to Exceptional Care capital campaign, raising over $3.5 million, but we have successfully completed Phase Two of the ED construction project. The former waiting room, registration area, and triage room have been gutted and in their place is a new and improved nursing station that is spacious and offers views and increased access to the entire ED. The revamped facility also includes a new workroom for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) staff, an incident response room, a staff lounge, a family consultation room, a secure room for psychiatric/substance abuse patients and a new large, 2-bed Trauma/Cardiac Room. In addition, the former combined ambulance and walk-in entrance is now configured solely for ambulances, separating the most critical patients from the walk-in patients, enhancing patient satisfaction as well as patient privacy.

The next two phases of the ED renovation and expansion project will include adding another Trauma/Cardiac Room, three new private exam rooms and an OB/GYN exam room with a private bathroom. The completion date for the entire project is expected to be early this summer.

As we enter the final phases of the ED Project, I want to express my sincere appreciation for our Emergency Department staff who have demonstrated their professionalism and perseverance in working around and through the ongoing construction. They have remained positive and focused on ensuring a comfortable and smooth process for patients and their family members. As ED nurses Sue Ohmart and Sue Gardiner said, “Working with the construction crew has been a great experience. They are very understanding and accommodating and the new space is wonderful. Patients will really benefit.”

Most importantly, I want to thank you, our patients, for your support and patience during this transition while we build a stronger, more vibrant BMH focused on responding to our community’s healthcare needs .

Steven R. Gordon is President and CEO of Brattleboro Memorial Hospital. He can be reached by calling 802-257-8245.

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