Emergency Care Process

As part of Brattleboro Memorial Hospital’s  goal to provide the best possible care for our patients, we have developed a “right patient for the right room” emergency medicine model to deliver high-quality, personalized, and efficient care.

Below is an overview of our new process:

Walk-in patients proceed to the registration desk, where they are greeted by a staff member and asked very few questions:name, date of birth, chief complaint and social security number. At the same time a nurse is paged to triage the patient into the most appropriate acuity level. One of the most important parts of this step is receiving an identification band. This band is unique to the patient and is the foundation for many safety processes.

Generally, if space allows, the nurse will lead the patient to a room in the emergency department where the more formal triage process will occur. When possible, the nurse will utilize the model of “the right patient for the right room”. Issues requiring fewer resources or acute care will be assigned to one of the minor treatment rooms.

In many instances the emergency department provider arrives at the room during the triage process or shortly thereafter. The team of physician, nurse and patient devises the most appropriate plan of care and executes that plan safely and efficiently.

From the time a patient arrives at the Emergency Department to the time they leave, patients are being cared for by a team of providers – nurses, physicians, and physician assistants – all working in collaboration.

Family or other support persons are encouraged to accompany the patient throughout the emergency care process to provide comfort and to help answer questions.