Grateful Patient

The Development Office of Brattleboro Memorial Hospital has established a “Grateful Patient” Fund as a means for individuals who have had compassionate care from a BMH clinician to help support those professionals who are responsible for their good care.

Gifts designated for the grateful patient fund will be used to help support BMH’s recruitment and retention efforts for all levels of clinical staff. Funds will help to ensure that BMH high quality care continues by providing scholarship support to current BMH employees or community members who are interested in pursuing a degree in the clinical healthcare field.

In a recent Contributions article, BMH President and CEO, Steven Gordon discussed the need for highly skilled clinical workers and the commitment BMH has to ensuring quality patient care.  This continues to be a high priority, despite the economic uncertainty of these times.   Steve says: “As people try to manage without medical treatment, expected income from deferred hospital services has naturally been unrealized.  Decreased patient utilization has created new challenges for leadership at BMH as well as at many other hospitals.  Yet, while the hospital is becoming leaner from a management perspective, quality care at the bedside, provided by highly skilled clinical workers, continues to be our highest priority and will not be compromised.”

If you are interested in learning more about the “Grateful Patient” Fund, or would like to make a gift to ensure high quality healthcare staff at BMH, please call Ellen Smith in the Development Office at 802-257-8314 or click on Donate to BMH.