BMH Adds Insurance Exchange Navigator to Community Health Team

The Brattleboro Memorial Hospital Community Health Team announced the hiring of Joan Bowman as a Navigator for Vermont’s new insurance exchange program.

Joan Bowman

Joan Bowman

As a trained and certified Vermont Health Connect exchange navigator, Bowman’s role is to make sure individuals, families and small businesses in Windham County understand their options and have access to the tools and resources needed to apply for health insurance.

Bowman is available immediately to conduct education and information sessions about the exchange. Beginning October 1, she also will be available to help people with the enrollment process. She can be reached at or by calling 802-257-8814.

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The Vermont Department of Health Access provided grants to organizations interested in offering Navigator services. In addition, health industry employees will be trained and certified to provide enrollment assistance; registered and licensed brokers will have an opportunity to serve small businesses and individuals; and an enrollment support unit and Vermont-based call center will be available. Together, these resources will ensure that Vermonters can get the enrollment help they want, online, by phone or in-person. For additional details, visit