Patient Conveniences

Cellular Phones

Cell phones are now acceptable to use in public areas of the hospital including waiting rooms, the lobby, the Coffee Shop and Maple View Café. Visitors are requested not to use them elsewhere in the hospital.


Our non-denominational chapel is accessible from our main lobby and is open 24 hours a day.

Interpreter Service

Due to the complexity of medical language, the hospital maintains a specialized interpreter service for patients for whom English is not their primary language.


Food service personnel plan, cook, and serve nutritionally sound meals which are prepared to meet your individual dietary needs. At the request of your doctor, our registered dietitian may visit with you and discuss a diet plan designed to maximize good health Each day, a Nutrition Services staff member will bring you a menu from which to choose your meals for the next day. Nutrition Services personnel are continually working to satisfy individual nutritional styles within sound medical requirements. Please feel free to ask our dietitian questions about your diet, food in general, and the role food plays in helping you control disease and stay well.

No Smoking Policy

Brattleboro Memorial Hospital is a tobacco and smoke-free campus. This means smoking and tobacco products are no longer to be used anywhere on hospital property including the parking lot. Please help us make and keep BMH a healthy institution, which we also hope will help keep members of our community healthy also. Thank you for your cooperation.

Notary Public

For your convenience, the hospital provides the service of a notary public, weekdays from 8:30 AM until 4:00 PM, at your request.

Pain Management

Your comfort is very important to us. You have the right to the appropriate assessment and management of your pain. Pain management is a necessary part of your treatment plan. We expect you will: Discuss pain relief options with your physician Ask for pain relief options when pain first begins Tell us when pain is not relieved Tell us about any concerns you have Help your doctor and nurse assess your pain.


Your family and friends can reach you by dialing the main hospital number and asking the operator for the room number. If the family or friend does not know the room number the operator can assistance them by looking it up and transferring them to the correct room. There is no charge for an incoming call. How to Activate and Use the Phone To make a local call, push 9, wait for the dial tone, and then place your all. For a long distance call, dial 9-0-area code-the seven digit number. An intercept operator will ask you for billing information. Or, patients can access their own long distance carrier from the phone in their room. There is a volume control on the phone. TTY services are available by calling 257-8823.

Television Services

Television is provided free of charge during your hospital stay. Information on cable TV channels and programming is found on Channel 6 for your convenience.