Preparation for Hip/Knee Replacement Surgery

In preparation for your surgery, pack and bring along comfortable loose fitting clothing (especially skirts or shorts), shirts, underwear socks and shoes. One or two sets of clothing should be adequate. You will be dressing with Occupational Therapy to learn proper dressing techniques after surgery. This will also help us evaluate which pieces of adaptive equipment would help you best.

Daily activities after hip or knee replacement can be challenging. Below are several suggestions for changes you can make BEFORE your surgery to make your return home smoother.

  • Pick up scatter rugs.
  • Move most commonly used items to within easy reach, for example: kitchen utensils, food items, clothing, toiletries.
  • Have a designated seat that will be at least as high as the crease at the back of your knee, have a firm seat and, ideally, arm rests.
  • Prepare several meals ahead of time and freeze them in single serving portions.
  • Have available clothes that are looser and easy to get on and off.
  • A wheeled cart may be helpful in moving food, laundry or other things around the house.
  • A carpenter apron or small bag to attach to a walker would be helpful in carrying small items.

The following may also be helpful but will be addressed in your occupational and physical therapy during your hospital stay.

  • Raised toilet seat and/or
  • Toilet rails, or
  • Commode
  • Tub seat
  • Hand-held shower nozzle and tub grab bars
  • Dressing aids
  • Walker