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  • In Memory of Ronald Read

    Ronald Read was a regular customer at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital's Coffee Shop for many years. He especially enjoyed his daily breakfast, which included a cup of coffee and an English muffin with peanut butter. Ron was a quiet man who chose to live a simple lifestyle despite the fact that he had made millions investing in the stock market – a passion of his. Ron believed in the hospital and all it offers the community and, as a result, Brattleboro Memorial Hospital was one of the very lucky recipients of Ron’s fortune. Brattleboro Memorial Hospital will always remember and be grateful to Ron for his incredible generosity.

  • Sawyer Daniels_laughing

    Patient Story

    “He’s our little Superman,” remarks Tessa Daniels, as her two-year old son, Sawyer gallops around the living room on a sunny autumn day, wielding a plastic action figure as a battering ram and thwarting his mother’s attempts to maintain some order amongst the toys, blocks, books and other accessories of a busy young family’s life. “He really is a miracle.”

    A barely-visible pale strip of a scar running down his chest is the only remaining physical evidence of Sawyer’s dramatic first few days and weeks of life – an adventure that began with an eagle-eyed BMH Birthing Center nurse noticing eight hours after his birth that Sawyer’s color looked “a little off”.

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    Little Nursing Persons…and When to Wean

    Nearly half of Vermont babies are still nursing at one year. Does that surprise you? We actually have the best one-year breastfeeding rate in the United States.  Several years ago we did a feeding su... Read more »

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    Health Matters

    Joseph Rosen, MD

    Personalized Medicine and Breast Cancer

    by: Dr. Joseph Rosen, MD, FACS As noted in Siddhartha Mukherjee’s book, “The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer”, it is very difficult to treat a problem when you don’t understand ... Read more »

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