Surgeons Discuss Joint Replacement Options in Series of Talks

Southern Vermont Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine will present a three-part discussion series entitled, “A Joint Effort: Conversations about Orthopaedic Surgery and Integrated Care.” During each presentation, the audience will hear about advances in joint replacement techniques from orthopaedic surgeons and patients who have undergone the procedures and post-operative rehabilitation to regain an active and healthy lifestyle free from joint pain.

On Tuesday, November 27, William Vranos, MD, will discuss the new anterior hip replacement surgery technique that may be less painful and result in faster recovery times for some patients. Elizabeth McLarney, MD, will address treatment options for shoulder pain and arthritis issues on Wednesday, December 6. Jonathan Thatcher, MD, closes out the series on Wednesday, December 12, with a discussion about the pros and cons of partial knee replacement and total knee replacement surgeries for patients with knee pain or knee arthritis.

All presentations take place in the Brew Barry Conference Center at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital starting at 6:00 PM. BMH is located at 17 Belmont Avenue in Brattleboro, Vermont.

For more information, contact Southern Vermont Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine at 802-258-6400 or visit