On a quarterly basis, the Board of Directors provides the public the opportunity to comment on matters relating to BMH’s operations. These public sessions will be scheduled for 15 minutes prior to the start of the Board meeting. The next public session is scheduled for Tuesday, October 8th at 11:45AM. 

For information regarding this public session, please contact:

Executive Assistant
Board of Directors
Brattleboro Memorial Hospital
17 Belmont Avenue
Brattleboro, VT 05301

Brattleboro Memorial Hospital is governed by bylaws and a volunteer Board of Directors. Each trustee is a corporate member and lives or works in the Brattleboro Memorial Hospital service area.

Each trustee provides professional expertise pertinent to the governing of a community non-profit organization, the board members serve without compensation.


Patty O’Donnell, Board Chairman
Town of residence – Vernon, VT
Occupation – Printing
Employer – Trend Business Solutions
Job Title – Sales

Stephen Phillips, Board Vice Chairman
Town of residence – Brattleboro, VT
Occupation – Lawyer
Employer – Phillips, Dunn, Shriver & Carroll, P.C.
Job Title – Lawyer

Michael Mandracchia, Board Secretary
Town of residence – Whitingham, VT
Occupation – Finance
Employer – The Richards Group
Job Title – Financial Advisor

Rhonda Calhoun
Town of residence – Newfane, VT
Occupation – Retired

William Daley
Town of residence – Brattleboro, VT
Occupation – Business Owner (CEO)
Employer – Vermont Country Deli
Job Title – Owner

George Idelkope, MD
Town of residence – Chesterfield, NH
Occupation – Physician
Employer – Private Practice
Job Title – Doctor

Donna McElligott
Town of residence – Brattleboro, VT
Occupation – Printing
Employer – Howard Printing
Job Title – Marketing Manager/Principal

Elizabeth McLarney, MD
Town of residence – Guilford, VT
Occupation – Physician
Employer – Self employed
Job Title – Doctor

John V. P. Meyer
Town of residence – Wilmington, VT
Occupation – Public Accounting
Employer – Pieciak & Company, PC
Job Title – CPA

*President (Ex-Officio)
Steven R. Gordon
17 Belmont Avenue
Brattleboro, VT  05301
Tel. 802-257-8243
Fax. 802-257-8869

Medical Staff President (Ex-Officio)
Valerie Rooney, MD
19 Belmont Avenue, Suite G102
Brattleboro, VT 05301

BMH Medical Group Medical Director (Ex-Officio)
Tony Blofson, MD
120 Maple Street
Brattleboro, VT 05301


Active Members of the Corporation

Abel, John
Abel, Karen
Albright, David J.
Atamaniuk, Michael
Baker, James F.
Beske, Kirsten
Blofson, Tony MD
Bookwalter, John R.
Borek, Theodore S.
Borofsky, Bradley E.
Boyle, Deborah A.
Buhlmann, Willy M.
Calhoun, Rhonda
Carroll, Richard C.
Carvell, Peter Douglas
Casna, Barbara
Catlin, Elizabeth J.
Cersosimo, Michael A.
Chapman, Christopher G.
Clarke, Jay
Coonan, Catherine M.
Daley, Judith
Daley, William
DeFlorio, Frances J.
Deutsch, Evan James
Dowd, Katherine N.
Durkin, Thomas S.
Ellis, Gary
Epstein, Richard A.
Evans, Thomas O.
Gibbons, Peter D.
Gouger, Kimberly F.
Hagstrom, Geoffrey J.
Hammarlund, Arne E.
Hart, Christine H.
Hecht, Lisa K.
Henry, Karen A.
Henry, Matthew D.
Heydinger, Nancy L.
Heydinger, Thomas A.
Hueber, Philip B.
Idelkope, George MD
Isaacson, Kurt A.
Jerome, Cynthia D.
Jones, Marcy E.
Kramer, Jennifer S.
Kramer, Theodore C.
Laakso, Jack
Linder, Elizabeth K.
Little, Joseph E.
Livermore, Andrea L.
Lynde, Carl M.
Mandracchia, Michael A.
Mangan, Patricia H.
Manson, Frederick K.
McElligott, Donna M.
McLarney, Elizabeth MD
Meyer, John M.
Meyer, John V. P.
Millman, Paul
Morse, Jeffrey J.
Neumeister, Betsy H.
Normandeau, Daniel E.
O’Connor, Kathleen
O’Donnell, Patricia A.
Paasche, Denise E.
Pattison, Regina
Pattison, Robert
Pennington, Sara G.
Phillips, Stephen R.
Pieciak, Joseph S.
Ramirez, Rita
Richards, Annie W.
Richards, Edward Andrew
Richards, Elizabeth M.
Richards, Mark W.
Richards, Peter
Richards, Tammy A.
Rome, Andrew L.
Rooney, Valerie MD
Rucker, Frank
Sayer, Steven
Schrull, Robert E.
Secrest, Jonathan
Secrest, Kerry
Sherlock, Peter A.
Sherlock, Susan M.
Shriver, Alexander
Stahley, Ronald L.
Taggard, Benjamin W.
Taylor-Olson, Carolyn L.
Tepfer, Burton D MD
Thayer, Jay K.
Theberge, Gerald R.
Tortolani, Robert E.
Twombly, David B.
Tyler, Kelly S.
Virkstis, Richard R.
von Krusenstiern, Konstantin M.
Weinberg, Adam
Wheeler, Whitman J.
Woodworth, Robert G.
Yates, Daniel C.
Zimmerman, David J.
Ziter, Randi