Below are dose recommendations for several common over-the-counter products.  All doses are determined by weight, not age. If you have any questions as to the correct dosage, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 802-251-8626. Make sure you do not combine medicines that contain the same components (Tylenol & Feverall, for example, both have acetaminophen). This is easiest if you minimize products with multiple active ingredients.  Also, do not give medicines to infants less than 2 months without speaking to a doctor.

Acetaminphen Pediatric OTC Drug Dosage Table

Child's weight (pounds)6-1112-1718-2324-3536-4748-5960-7172-9596+lbs
Total Amount (mg)40mg80mg120mg160mg240mg325mg400mg480mg650mgmg
Infant Suspension: 160mg/5ml1.25 ml2.5 ml3.75 ml5 ml7.5 ml10 ml12.5 ml15 ml20 mlml
160mg/1 teaspoon
-1/2 tsp3/4 tsp1 tsp1 1/2 tsp2 tsp2 1/2 tsp3 tsp4 tsptsp
80mg tablets
--1 1/2234568tabs
160mg tablets
---11 1/222 1/234tabs
325 mg tablets
-----111 1/22tabs
500 mg tablets
  • Acetaminophen Dosage 5-7mg/pounds/dose (10-15mg/kg/dose) every 4-6 hours (adults 650mg)
  • Note: Acetaminophen also comes in 80, 120, 325, and 650 mg suppositories (same dosage)
  • Don’t use under 3 months of age without discussing with your medical office first, (Reason: fever during the first 12 weeks of life needs to be documented in a medical setting and if present, the infant needs a complete evaluation).


Ibuprofen (Motrin/Advil) Dosage (For Fever and Pain)

Child weight more than (in pounds)1218243648607296lbs
Total amount (mg)5075100150200250300400mg
Drops 50mg/dropper1.25 ml1.875 ml------dropper
Liquid 100 mg/5ml (1tsp)1/2 tsp3/4 tsp1 tsp1 1/2 tsp2 tsp2 1/2 tsp3 tsp4 tsptsp
Chewable 50mg tablets--234568tabs
Junior strength 100mg tablets----2 2 1/234tabs
Adult 200mg tablets----111 1/22tabs
  • Ibuprofen Dosage: 3-5mg/pound/dose (5-10 mg/kg/dose) every 6-8 hours as needed
  • Adult dose: 400mg
  • Do not use under 6 months of age (Reason: Safety not established and doesn’t have FDA approval)


Dipenhydramine (Benadryl) Dosage (Antihistamine)

Child's weight more than (in pounds)22334455110lbs
Total amount (mg)1015202550mg
Liquid 12.5mg/5 ml (tsp)3/4 tsp1 tsp1 1/2 tsp2 tsp-tsp
Chewable 12.5mg tablets-11 1/224tabs
Capsules 25mg---12caps
  • Benadryl Dosage: 0.5mg/pound/dosed (1.0mg/kg/dose) every 4 -6 hours
  • Adults: 50mg. Max every 6 hours
  • Don’t use under 1 year of age (Reason: it’s a sedative)
  • There is some rounding to the nearest dose for older children