Pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting are designed to be a happy, healthy part of women’s lives. Labor need not be an ordeal to be feared, but a positive, rewarding experience – and a truly happy birth day.It’s never too soon to register for Lamaze classes. Most students begin classes around the 30th week of pregnancy. (More information in the Events Calendar)

Lamaze Classes

  • 3-week Series – Three weeks, 2 hours per week – $ 75. This classic series meets weekly and is the class most often chosen by first-time parents or couples who feel the need for a thorough review. Classes start every month.
Register for Lamaze Classes

Perinatal Classes

  • Breastfeeding Basics – How-to class for successful, happy breastfeeding. Pregnant moms, partners, new moms and babies are all welcome. The free program is offered every other month. For information or to register for the class, call 257-8877.
  • Breastfeeding Help – Breastfeeding may be perfectly natural, but it’s not always naturally perfect! Our board certified lactation consultants see new moms and babies by appointment. Call 257-8226 for more information.
  • Sibling Tour – We are glad to schedule a tour for your older children. Give the Birthing Center a call to schedule at 802-257-8226.
  • Childbirth Preparation Classes Using Hypnosis – This is a one day intensive class or a four week series. For more information contact Lois Trezise at 802-251-9964 or 802-251-0400.
  • Mother’s Circle – Tuesdays, 10:45AM -12PM at Winston Prouty Center. Peer-led by a MotherWoman trained facilitator. Call 251-2102 for more information on this free program.