What do I need to bring to the Birthing Center with me?

Pack a bag for yourself and your partner. Your labor support people are considered part of the birthing party, and are welcome whenever and wherever you are. We provide recliners or cots for dads (or your primary labor support person), and a meal card that will offer them the employee price at our Mapleview Café. Partners can really appreciate clean clothes and a toothbrush after a long labor, so pack a bag for them too. Meanwhile, here are some ideas for mom’s bag. You may have ideas, too.

For Labor

  • Birth Plan
  • Gown or nightshirt (you can wear ours if you want)
  • Glasses, if you wear contacts
  • Pillow from home – put on a bright pillowcase
  • Massager, massage oils
  • CD player and music (you can use ours if you want) or IPod
  • Swimsuit, sports bra, or T-shirt to wear in the tub (not required!)
  • Bath pillow for the tub
  • Warm socks
  • A focal point (stuffed animal, picture, etc.)
  • Special snacks or beverage (We have an array of juices, ginger ale, Italian ices, toast, etc. If you just have to have a particular item, though, bring it with you!)
  • Aromatherapy items

For Postpartum

  • List of phone numbers
  • Phone Card for long distance calls (or bring your cell phone)
  • Nightwear and bathrobe (you can use ours if you wish)
  • Nonskid slippers
  • Toiletries, beauty products, makeup
  • Loose fitting outfit to wear home
    Clothes for baby to wear home (usually one layer more than what you wear home)
  • Receiving blanket
  • Car Seat (Just So Pediatrics hold a Car Seat Fitting Station on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month. Please call 802-251-8626)

Please Don’t Bring

  • Large amounts of money
  • Valuable jewelry
  • Things you would be sad to lose