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  • Meet Heather Lesage-Horton, MD

    At Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, our physicians and providers are the main reason we're recognized as exceptional providers of quality healthcare. Meet Heather Lesage-Horton, MD by watching this video. Dr. Lesage-Horton is a board certified pediatrician with Just So Pediatrics. She can be reached at 802-251-8626.

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    Sitting in the living room of her Hinsdale home, Mary Harrington raps her knuckles on a side table when talking about how good her health has been since having a stent inserted 11 years ago. On the Thursday before Independence Day weekend in 2003, she could tell something was wrong but couldn’t articulate exactly what. Her husband, Walter, could tell as well, even though she tried to conceal it. After having a “spell” carrying a fan downstairs from their bedroom he urged her to go to the hospital. It took an additional episode a couple of hours later before Mary finally conceded.

    Fortunately, Mary’s visit to the BMH Emergency Department came on an evening when cardiologist Burt Tepfer, MD was visiting patients before a holiday getaway. He examined her and set-up an appointment to have the stent inserted at Dartmouth-Hitchcock the following Monday.

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