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  • Meet Dr. Elizabeth McLarney

    At Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, our physicians and providers are the main reason we're recognized as exceptional providers of quality healthcare. Meet Elizabeth McLarney by watching this video. Dr. McLarney is a board certified skilled clinician and surgeon with BMH Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine. She can be reached at 802-251-8611.

  • Why We Give

    Finding summer employment is part of the job description for most teachers. Charmaine Vinton was fortunate that when the school bell rang for the final time every June, she had a standing opportunity at her father’s medical practice in the town of Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. What Charmaine didn’t count on, however, was having that job turn into a new and exciting career.

    The healthcare coding and billing tasks Charmaine performed for her father were a distant cry from teaching elementary school math and science. Yet the appeal was undeniable. “You felt like you were a detective,” she recalls. “The codes changed. You had to learn all the new techniques. It kept you involved in the clinical part even though you weren’t clinical.”

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    Maureen Mohaney, PA-C, ATC

    Plantar Fasciitis…A Real Pain in the Heel

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