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  • Meet John Todd, APRN, FNP

    At Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, our physicians and providers are the main reason we're recognized as exceptional providers of quality healthcare. Meet John Todd, APRN, FNP by watching this video. John Todd is a Nurse Practitioner at Putney Family Healthcare and can be reached at 802-387-5581.

  • Mike McCosker

    Patient Story

    Mike McCosker always feared that his having a heart attack was a foregone conclusion. There is a history of heart trouble in his family, including his father, who has survived two attacks. Still, it came as a shock when it actually happened since he was only 44 years old.

    “There are so many emotions that I struggled with — it’s not my fault; it’s not fair; why is this happening to me?” Mike recalls. “But heart disease is not a respecter of age.”

    It was at the start of the softball season, three years ago, when the heart attack Mike had feared arrived. Thursday, March 29 of 2012 began, coincidentally, with a trip to his primary care provider.

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