Surgical Services at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital

BMH offers state-of-the-art facilities and safety-focused programs:

  • three operating suites
  • a procedure room
  • an endoscopy room
  • a post-anesthesia care unit
  • a central sterilization unit
  • a Cesarean section operating room (located in our Birthing Center).

Rest assured, most surgical procedures don’t require lengthy hospital stays. In fact, many require no overnight stay at all (often called “day”, “outpatient”, or “same-day” surgeries). If, however, you are staying more than one night after surgery, yours will be an “inpatient” surgery.

Operating Room

Our operating rooms are staffed by extensively trained, Board Certified surgeons and anesthesiologists who provide high-quality, leading-edge surgical services. We are equipped with state of the art anesthesia machines and monitors, a digital c-arm x-ray machine, laparoscopic equipment and the finest surgical instruments.

Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)

Our post anesthesia care unit has six bays and is under the direct supervision of our expert anesthesiologists.

Our compassionate and experienced nursing staff is trained in many different pain management techniques, and works closely with our anesthesiologists to keep you comfortable throughout your PACU experience. One-to-one nursing care is provided immediately following your procedure until you are awake and stable. Your loved ones can follow your progress on the Case Board in the ACU waiting room. Following your discharge, you’ll receive a call from the PACU staff to check in on your progress, answer any questions and address any concerns.

Ambulatory Care Unit

The Ambulatory Care Unit (ACU) for same-day surgery is located in the Main Hospital, adjacent to the BMH operating suites. The ACU has 12 single rooms that are visually monitored from a centrally located nurses’ unit. Many same-day surgical procedures are performed in the ACU, including biopsies, arthroscopies, laser eye surgery, microscopic surgeries, and endoscopies. The ACU also provides outpatient services, such as care for patients having radiologic procedures.

Central Sterilization Unit

Our central sterilization unit receives, prepares, processes, stores, maintains, and dispenses sterile items to all clinical areas. It is staffed by a trained CSR technician under the direction of the Director of the Surgical Services Department.

Preoperative Assessment Clinic (PAC)

When you are scheduled for surgery at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital you are also scheduled for a preoperative assessment appointment with the Preoperative Assessment Clinic (PAC). This is a convenient way to have any necessary testing performed before surgery, and for you to obtain additional information about their procedure. Depending on what type of surgery you are having, you may have a telephone or an onsite visit. If you are scheduled for total joint surgery you will have an onsite visit with one of our nurses in PAC. At that time you will also receive information about your Total Joint Replacement Class.