The Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Care Clinic at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital is offered for local treatment of HIV/AIDS. Our goal to provide specialized, community-based, health care for people with HIV/AIDS and to develop an educational program for local primary care providers to improve and update knowledge about HIV infection and its treatment.

The federally-funded clinic operates with grant money received from the University of Vermont.

The Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Care Clinic also offers anonymous testing for HIV/AIDS patients. Anonymous testing, as opposed to confidential testing, means that a person never gives his or her name or any other identifying information such as social security number. A special number is assigned to the person and the results are given to him or her only.

Counseling before and after testing, including referrals for medical and social services, if needed, are part of the procedure offered at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital. Anonymous free testing can be arranged by calling Angela Miller at 802-257-8860.