Brattleboro Memorial Hospital offers a Diabetes Education and Counseling Services Program to give you the support you need to gain control over your condition. Our team of health experts consists of a certified diabetic educator, registered dietitians, and a physician who serves as a medical consultant, all of whom work with your physician to develop an individualized plan: one which you can live with and one that fits your lifestyle. BMH also has an endocrinologist on staff, available for consultation.

All of the educational sessions in the Diabetes Program are based on the standard of care set by the American Diabetes Association. Our educational sessions may include the following information:

  • general information on diabetes
  • blood glucose monitoring techniques
  • coping with a chronic condition
  • complications of diabetes and how to avoid them
  • exercise guidelines
  • handling hypoglycemia
  • healthy travel
  • managing sick days
  • medications: insulin and oral drugs
  • nutrition and meal planning
  • weight control

Instructions may be given individually or in small groups. Physician referral is required for individual sessions. In addition, we encourage all our patients to invite their families and/or significant others to join them for the educational sessions.

For information about our next Diabetes Education Class, or if you have additional questions, please contact us at 802-251-8429, 802-251-8604 or e-mail us at or

To schedule an individual appointment at the Diabetes Clinic, call 802-251-8604 between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.