Vaccinations are important for the health of people of all ages. From routine childhood vaccinations and your annual flu shot, to covid-19 vaccines and boosters, immunization against infectious diseases is a huge part of anyone’s overall health plan.

Vaccines provide effective protection at all stages of life from serious diseases such as polio, measles, influenza, hepatitis, shingles, covid-19, and many many more! For your convenience, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published this easy-to-follow adult immunization schedule.

And for those of you with children, the CDC also has this childhood immunization schedule.

And with Covid-19 still top-of-mind, BMH encourages you and your family to join the hundreds of millions of people worldwide who have safely received life-saving Covid-19 vaccination and boosters.

If you have any questions about vaccinations, their timing, safety, side-effects, etc., have a talk with your family physician or other healthcare provider. And for more information about what’s happening at BMH and across Vermont to fight Covid-19, follow this link.