Outright Gifts – Annual Fund

Annual Giving is the foundation of our development efforts, supporting the day to day work of BMH.

You may direct your Annual Fund gift to either BMH’s Area of Greatest Need for general operating support and improvements in patient care, or to BMH’s Uncompensated Medical Care Fund, which provides relief to those needing medical services but lacking adequate resources to pay.

Your Annual Fund gift can be made

  • As a tribute to a BMH staff person who has enhanced your patient experience though their excellent care
  • In honor or memory of a person who has special meaning to you. The Development Office will send an acknowledgement of each commemorative gift to the person or family in whose name the gift has been made. Donors will receive acknowledgement, noting the amount of their gift for tax purposes.
  • To celebrate the birth of a child. BMH’s A Star Is Born program gives new parents, grandparents, aunts uncles and other friends and family an opportunity to honor the latest addition to their lives. With a $50 commemorative gift to BMH, the new baby’s name and birthday will be engraved on a star that will be hung just outside the Birthing Center for one year.
  • As a Stock Transfer – For many reasons, a primary one being tax advantages, individuals choose to make their charitable gifts with stock. When making a stock gift, please make sure to notify the Director of Development, Gina Pattison at 802-257-8314. Unless you notify Gina, we will not know the name of the generous supporter and will be unable to recognize their generosity.
    Stock Transfer Instructions:
    Account Name: Brattleboro Memorial Hospital
    National Financial Services
    Account #: H2Y280216
    DTC #: 0226

Matching gifts: When making a gift to BMH, remember to check with your employer to see if they match charitable contributions. This is a wonderful way to increase your support for BMH.

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