Cancer Risk & Genetic Risk Program

Some women have a HIGH RISK of developing breast cancer

Patients considered to be at high risk include:

  • Family history or several family members affected by breast or ovarian cancer
  • Cancer occurring at unusually young age
  • A family member or individual with multiple cancers

Brattleboro Memorial Hospital offers a Cancer Risk & Genetic Risk Program that is designed to evaluate, educate and closely monitor those at high risk for developing cancer. Created for individuals and families who are concerned about their risk of developing cancer due to their medical and family history, environmental factors and lifestyle choices, its main goal is to educate and provide cancer screening and prevention recommendations for individuals at high risk for developing the disease.

The program helps patients and their families confronting cancer risks to make informed decisions about their health care needs by providing them with appropriate medical and genetic information, social support and resources. As part of the program, a high risk team has been assembled — its members working closely with each patient to develop a personal health plan and to educate them about individual risk factors.

Our Evaluation Process

During your mammography visit you will be asked to complete a survey, which further assesses your level of risk of developing breast cancer. Survey responses will be entered into the Mammogram Reporting System computer software program, which will calculate your individual risk for developing breast cancer.

Based on these findings, your radiologist will recommend you follow up with a breast care program nurse navigator or with your provider.

  • Based on the level of risk, the nurse navigator will assist you in making consultation appointments with our staff trained in high risk or genetic counseling.
  • Individualized recommendations for you may include regular screening, risk reduction activities, medications, and medical follow up.
  • The nurse navigator can connect you with our resources for nutrition education, smoking cessation, and can help you develop a plan that enhances your health and reduces your risk.

Nurse Navigation Cancer Risk and Genetics: 802-251-8437

  • Karen Grinold, RN (Nurse Navigator)

Our Breast Care Program Team: