(April, 2022) BMH Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine is now offering iovera treatments for knee pain.

iovera˚ is a cryoanalgesia treatment that temporarily freezes the sensory nerves surrounding the front of the knee. It lasts for up to three months with no residual sensory deficits and is initially being used prior to total knee replacement to help minimize postoperative pain.

This allows patients to regain their range of motion more quickly and while requiring less post-operative narcotic pain relief.

In the future, we hope that iovera˚ can be used in patients who are not optimal candidates for knee replacement. This can offer some pain relief until the patient is medically optimized for knee replacement surgery.

iovera˚ uses directed cold therapy with closed tipped needles to freeze the nerve sheath without damaging the nerve. It can be repeated every three months if being used for chronic pain and has no medication interactions.

Click here to view the iovera patient brochure.

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