Room Service at BMH

BMH is proud to provide room service to patients on all medical units, including our Birthing Center.

Room service enhances the dining experience by allowing patients to choose what and when to order their meals. Our restaurant-style menu features homemade soups, fresh salads, delicious entrees, and fresh baked goods.

Menus are created with therapeutic diets in mind to promote food options complimentary to your health goals. Gluten-free and vegan menu items are also available.

Check out our therapeutic diet menus:

Regular Menu:

  • Offers general healthy options to create balanced, nutritious meals.

Heart Healthy Menu:

  • Offers low salt, low fat, low sugar options to support heart health.

Carbohydrate Controlled Menu

  • Offers low sugar, portion controlled options to help manage diabetes.
  • Carb counts displayed next to menu items makes it easier for patients to make informed meal choices and participate in health goals.