CenteringPregnancy® is group prenatal care bringing women due at the same time out of exam rooms and into a comfortable setting.

How It Works

The CenteringPregnancy Program alters routine prenatal care by bringing women out of exam rooms and into groups for their care. Women have their initial intake into their obstetric care in the usual manner with history and physical examination occurring within the office space. Then they are invited to join with 8-12 other women/couples with similar due dates in meeting together regularly during their pregnancy.

CenteringPregnancy benefits:

  • Better health outcomes
  • More time with your provider
  • Self-care
  • Support & friendship
  • Self-confidence
  • Learning & fun

About the Sessions

While traditional childbirth education classes don’t start until about two months before the baby’s due date, Centering sessions, start early in the pregnancy. The two-hour meetings are initially held every four weeks and increase to every two weeks as the pregnancy progresses. Women learn how to record their own vitals (weight and blood pressure); and at each session they discuss and learn about important subjects such as nutrition and exercise, coping with labor, breast-feeding and infant care.

In CenteringPregnancy prenatal groups, women:

  • Know when all their appointments are scheduled and never wait to be seen
  • Spend quality time with their health provider
  • Enjoy healthy snacks and refreshments
  • Discuss health concerns and expectations in a supportive setting


Will I still get the ultrasounds and lab tests that I expect in prenatal care?
Yes, you will still get all of the same prenatal care in CenteringPregnancy that you would get one-on-one with your provider. The labs, prescriptions and ultrasounds will be ordered for you as appropriate by your Centering provider.

Can my partner or other support person come to my CenteringPregnancy groups with me?
Having support people come with you is optional. Women are free to attend group with or without a support person. Some sessions may be of more interest for support people, like preparing for the birth. Support people sit in the circle with the group and fully participate in the activities and discussions.

Why is Centering recommended?
Centering group visits offer unhurried time with your provider. Centering providers and patients spend about 18 hours together in group visits. This is about ten times more time than with traditional individual visits. It is fun for the patients and Centering providers to get to know each other better.

All of your time in the office is focused on you. You will know the dates and times for all of your visits so you can plan ahead. Most all women who have participated in this type of care tell us how supportive and reassuring it was to connect with other women going through the same experiences of pregnancy. You have the chance to get to know other mothers and perhaps develop a set of lifelong friends. Having other women in the group gives each person a chance to share her own experience. Many times another woman asks just the question that you were wondering about. You are not alone. We recommend CenteringPregnancy groups because it is better for you. Studies show that women in Centering groups are less likely to have their baby prematurely. Your health is important to us.

Who can participate in CenteringPregnancy?
Most women expecting a normal pregnancy can enjoy and benefit from group prenatal care. If specific health conditions emerge during the pregnancy, those conditions may be managed in group or may require extra visits to specialists. Ask your provider if Centering is right for you.

Two hours seems like a long time for a prenatal visit. What happens during the two hours?
At the start of a CenteringPregnancy session, you will have a brief one on one assessment by the Centering provider, take part in self-care activities, fill out a Self-Assessment Sheet on a certain topic, enjoy snacks, and talk with the other participants. When the group “circles up” together, the group talks about topics of interest to pregnant women. There is time to go over skills such as breathing and relaxing and holding and comforting baby. Groups are lively, interactive, focused on issues important to you and are FUN!

What is the cost of CenteringPregnancy?
There is no extra charge to you for CenteringPregnancy. Your cost share is the same as if you had exam room care and is determined by your insurance benefits.

How do I join?
To enroll in a group, talk to your provider or call 802-251-9965.