Volunteer Opportunities

Who Are Our Volunteers?

Brattleboro Memorial Hospital volunteers are men and women from your community who care about Brattleboro Memorial Hospital and contribute their time and energy to assist the hospital in a wide variety of activities. Brattleboro Memorial Hospital also has a student volunteer program for those between the ages of 16 and 18. Student volunteers often select their assignments according to their career goals and interests.

Volunteer Services

Brattleboro Memorial Hospital volunteers contribute their skills, time, and energy in many different areas. Here is just a sampling of their varied service responsibilities throughout the hospital:

  • Welcoming and escorting new patients to their rooms
  • Transporting patients to and from testing areas
  • Assisting patients in various hospital departments and on nursing floors
  • Providing information and assistance to visitors at the Information Desk
  • Typing, filing, photocopying, collating and other clerical work
  • Assisting in mailings
  • Answering telephones
  • Running errands and delivering specimens and paperwork
  • Assisting the nursing staff with simple but important tasks
  • Serving as an extra pair of hands in areas such as Oncology and the Ambulatory Care Unit
  • Serving as a liaison between families and staff in the Emergency Department

Shadow Opportunities

In addition to serving as a volunteer at BMH, individual “shadow” opportunities may be arranged.  These opportunities generally give an individual the opportunity to shadow a staff member at BMH for the purpose of exploring career interests.  These shadows may be short or longer term. The policies and procedures that apply to volunteering at BMH also apply to shadowing.

Volunteer Doula Network

BMH Volunteer Doula Network is a free service that features free doula (labor support) services. BMH currently has about a dozen doulas that are on call.  Each of the doulas involved in the doula program have participated in extensive training. Their training includes stages of labor, pain management techniques and tools to support family members and partners. They are also familiar with the Birthing Center resources and staff, allowing them to be better equipped to
provide support to the mother and her family.

For more information about becoming a doula contact Carol Schnabel, Doula Coordinator at 802-257-1894.


Prospective volunteers must make an appointment for a personal interview with the Volunteer Coordinator. In this interview, you will discuss your needs and those of the hospital.  We’ll work to make a match with consideration for both your availability and your interests.   We will then suggest a mutually rewarding volunteer position for you. As soon as we’ve matched you with a suitable position, we will schedule you with the department in which you will be working.


All volunteers will participate in New Employee/Volunteer Orientation. Training is provided on the job by the hospital staff or by other volunteers. In addition to verbal instructions, departments and services have written job descriptions to help define the volunteer’s duties.

For more information about volunteer opportunities at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital or to schedule an interview, please contact JoAnne Rogers at 802-257-8238.